2017 International Storytelling Workshop — Volcano ETNA

2017 國際當代小丑工作坊 – 遷居者 International Clown Workshop
2016 年 9 月 9 日
2017 International Clown Workshop — Migrants
2016 年 10 月 30 日
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Today in every work, in every trade, the success of every brand is to tell a story. The  attraction for people today is listen a story. We listen story always, in every moment, in every meeting professional or private.  Learn to tell stories it’s a strong technique every job you are doing or you’ll do.

In this workshop you can learn the old universal tradition to talk stories. We’ll began from Sicilian technique: “Cunto” . Inside cunto there are a lot of residue of different traditional storyteller of sea Mediterranean Sea, from middle east Asia to north Africa passing from Old Greece.

About general storytelling
To tell story means to communicate to others something, to know this technique is important for people working with the human and for who has some difficulties to communicate with others. In this work we learn some trick.
we will study the storytelling  in connection with natural elements.
Elements create vibrations that let the story vibrate :
water’s “flow”, fire’s “burning up”, air’s “invisible but exists”, earth’s “supporting us”.
In this project–volcano ETNA, will have more connection with the nature energy of FIRE.
We will learn from nature and use their energies to study storytelling.
About storytelling workshop

During workshop of storytelling we’ll prepare the stories,  in the end of workshop, partecipants will tell these stories to the people ( the place depends on each project it’s different ) 

The basic program will have,

1)      Some days we will go inside the ETNA, inside the nature to feel the vibration and do the training of “feel and listen” .

2)      Some days we will stay in our nature workshop place, training the technique of storytelling of CUNTO.

3)      rehearsal and preparing for present the stories and demonstrate for the experience of what you learn.

4)      Others, is Secret. Take your open heart, for sure you will enjoy it.

The story-telling is an active process of creation of collective imagination,it allows spectators to participate with their own imagination to story’s  active construction. Orality is integral part of our heritage at European and international level. Through stories it’s possible to show cultural diversity.

The work starts from the study of the first memory bearer: our body, that is the expression of human evolution’history and the place enclosing our intimate experiences: deposited in the joints, in our walk, in our gestures. The story-telling is a journey of voices, sounds, rhythm and breath at the base of which is the physical presence.

We will explore stories and development of oral memory communication in Sicily and in the world, and we will do some useful exercises trying to find the secret of storytelling

About storytelling technique — CUNTO

“Cunto” is the timeless art of Sicilian street storytelling, but Alessio Di Modica’s repertoire has no place for the traditional tales of French paladins. Instead, he reworks them by introducing contemporary issues in order to create active memory, as he seeks and crafts a new strand of intangible heritage. By telling its story, we revives the pride and history of a beaten, exhausted people, Creates active memory, living material That evolves and looks to the future, without lingering on its past.

The “secret” of Cunto ,

  1. to breath and to feel the breath of audience,
  2. to use the power of words
  3. to feel and to transmit the rhythm
  4. develop personal and collective vision ( necessary condition to tell a story)
  5. to create images with our voice

Everything that is big in nature, everything that is pleasant,
everything that is terrible, can be compared to Etna, and Etna can’t be compared to nothing

* Dominique Vivant Denon , Voyage en Sicily , 1788.


About this project — Walk and talk about volcano

A journey to discover THE MOUNTAIN as a natural heritage of humankind and as a carrier of stories

Telling means feeling the sound of the world, the sky unfolding, the earth embracing us. We will study the skill and the personal references of the storyteller that lives inside us in order to plumb the urgency and the necessity of telling, of circulating the living matter that evolves and walk day by day: the storytelling is an active process of creation of the collective imagination of a territory, of its sceneries, that let the audience participate with its own imagination to the active building of the tale. Walking is like telling, the steps give the rhythm, the breath accompanies us, soundless images open before our eyes which give them colors. This journey will let us walk and tell. The project will take place between some moments of walking and a workshop of storytelling. We will alternate the path between some locations of one of the most evocative place in Sicily: Mount Etna.

The volcano will give us some natural locations for work:

1) the centuries-old holm oak, with its 700 years one of the oldest trees in Italy. Here we will dance with it to discover our roots

2) excursion to the Silvestri craters and to the Bove Valley

3) from the sky to the sea, from air to water for working on the breath in the cyclops island of Lachea

4) discovering a peculiar town, its alley, its sceneries, its cellars

The topic of stories to prepare will be “Popular stories about mountain and volcano”

This workshop is suitable for teachers, people that work with children, actor, but also with people that want to understand the big secret about story of human, because the really intelligence of human is TELL THE STORY!

[ 2017 Storytelling Workshop Information]

Time: 2017 , July ( 22-30 July Provisional date )

Fee: 47,000 TWD (you can pay by EURO), including accommation and food.

by group or more information please send mail to aaartheart@gmail.com