2017 International Clown Workshop — Migrants
2016 年 10 月 30 日
2017 火能量說故事工作坊 – 古老自然文化ETNA活火山
2016 年 11 月 4 日
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Stay CLOWN, Stay human able to LOVE

What is Clown Heart ?

“A clown is a very difficult figure, because it contains the whole range of emotions of men/women within themselves. To approach it, you have to know yourself very well, you have to honestly explore your intimacy ” -Jacques Lecoq

The nose is the feeler of face, which is the closest part between two people when they meet each other. The adults usually have instinctive rejections to the clown, because the clown touches its strings and tickles their most intimate inner child. If the inner child was killed or repressed, it would be obvious that the adult shows this meeting is a waste and cataloging the clown into- “different”; “something that is not mine”, “something threatens me,” “something that is not well accepted,” something has more rules and threatens our security. Not surprisingly, the word “diverso” (diverse) and “divertimento” (fun) have the same etymology in Italian.

In this sense, the technique of the Clown becomes an effective tool for training and assistance for workers in the third sector, voluntary workers, actors or performers who want to develop their own personal style or poetic.

While people living in risk situations, marginal or disabled using this practice becomes a means or channel of free expression. So the use of the red nose technique is energy regeneration, which is fun, exciting and involves two-way: the observer and does.


About Our Association — CLOWN HEART STUDIO

The association works for years to outline a social and artistic dimension of clowns, understood a clown not as in a reductive way lane, hospital or circus clown, but as human figure working in the collective experience that can speak or perform anywhere especially in difficult situations, to convey emotions, thoughts, and set in motion processes of the soul very personal and important.